Who Love Me Most… Part 20

Mr Marcus came down to nigeria, he was very angry about the whole incident, Mr and Mrs Marcus went to the police station,they were called by the D.P.O ,they arrived at the police station,they told the police attendant that they were on appointment, they were lead by one of the police man to the D.P.O … [Read more…]

Who Love Me Most… Part 19

It was about 6pm the same day amara was coming back from the hospital,she has left maxwell while he was asleep,she was in the taxi when her phone began to ring,she looked to see the caller it was Sandra,she picked Sandra :amara Amara :yes Sandra :where are you Amara :am on my way home any … [Read more…]

Who Love Me Most… Part 18

Chidi couldn’t understand what was going on Chidi :why,what’s wrong Amara :how could you,how could you do such a thing all because of me,or because of your selfish desire Chidi :i am lost ,i don’t know what you are talking about. Amara :stop pretending, what did he ever do to you,what did you do to … [Read more…]

Who Love Me Most… Part 17

It was the next day morning, mrs ada Marcus was already in the hospital,she was with maxwell who was till unconscious,she rushed down to port Harcourt as soon as possible when she heard what has happened to her son,she was sitting close to maxwell bed,one of the nurse walked in holding a tray injection,a cotton … [Read more…]

Who Love Me Most… Part 16

FORWARD TO ONE WEEK LATER chidi was with emma in the car driving, they were coming from a party they attended in the next town,it was around 6pm,they got to a three junction and they took the road by their left, they haven’t drive for five minutes was they met a red card parked in … [Read more…]

Who Love Me Most… Part 15

Chidi heard the gate bell ring,he quickly got up and went to the gate ,he looked through the small hole from the gate and saw maxwell, he wondered what maxwell will be doing in his house,he opened the gate,he came outside and close the gate behind him. Chidi :you Maxwell smiling )yes me,i can see … [Read more…]

Who Love Me Most… Part 14

The voice of Mr uche keep echoing in Amara head,there was lots in her mind as she was seated at the back sit of the taxi heading to maxwell place, her phone began to ring again it was chidi,she silence the phone, chidi calls continue to enter the phone but amara didn’t even notice because … [Read more…]

Who Love Me Most… Part 13

Amara :i don’t get you ,is it that you can’t graduate or what Chidi:nothing i just don’t want to leave the school for now Amara :why Chidi:am not just prepared to face what the outside world holds for me. Amara till couldn’t understand him,she just then decided that on the right time he will explain … [Read more…]

Who Love Me Most… Part 12

It has been more then a week now and amara haven’t heard from maxwell, maxwell was trying to avoid amara for some time cause seeing amara with chidi makes him angry. Amara called maxwell,it was about the third time it rang then maxwell picked up. Maxwell :hello Amara :hi,long time Maxwell :yeah long time,how have … [Read more…]

Who Love Me Most… Part 11

It been two weeks now since chidi and amara has been dating,maxwell was trying to play cool with the relationship between chidi and amara, on countless times they have come across each other at amara house,there was one particular day maxwell went to see amara to take her out when chidi called her to inform … [Read more…]