How To Identify a Fake LCD/LED/OLED/Qled Television From An Original

Widespread number of fake products are on the increase in Nigeria. Majority of these are electronic component and devices. In Nigeria, its either you call these products fake or counterfeit. It is better to identity here what a fake/counterfeit product(in this case television ) is, as most people usually mismatch to other meaning. A fake product is an imitation of an original product. The original products are mostly some popular brands, which have made a mark in their niche. Fake product tries to replicate the original’s logo, design and other exterior structures but with an undeserved interior.

One might mistaken a fake product to also be a clone product. A cloned product and a faked product might look similar but these term are distinct. In a cloned product, the defaulters tries only to replicate the original’s design and to some certain extent, its functions. They install their trademark and logo calling their final makeup theirs.

Another category also exists called the refurbished product. This is a previously used TV which has been repaired and confirmed to be in a usable condition. The design and trademarks of the original producer is intact.

Production and sale of fake products has it’s purpose/intention. Generally, they are produced and sold to poor countries because of the low purchasing power of the populace of the particular country. In Nigeria for example, an average Nigerian would always go for a cheap product because of the low purchasing money he/she has. This doesn’t mean that the individual will directly go for a low scale product, he/she with knowledge of the best brand in town will go for that one that is cheap. Unfortunately, the person will end up buying a counterfeit of what he thinks he’s buying for the cheap sum of money.

Fake TV’s(to be specific now) are made by companies to efficiently have a share of sales to the populace. The sale of the counterfeited TV makes the company a profit company still. They are many other factors that makes a company turn to producing fake TV’s but mostly, profit motive.

Fake products in Nigeria are usually nicknamed ‘China products, however China isn’t a hub of fake products. It is worthy of note that Apple’s iPhone and iPad are made in China. Other products of value as well are manufactured there, so, China as far as producing standard products also has some of its entrepreneurs producing fake ones. Sometimes the fake products producer there in China are inspired by Nigerian dealers who ask for these low priced but substandard products.

Steps in taking to the purchase of an Original TV — Identifying a fake TV

You might think – ‘after all i know the different TVs in town and am smart, I can’t be fooled to buy a fake TV’, however its people with such mindset that are always fooled to purchase these. If you want to clarify this, meet one that has come in possession of a fake TV and ask of his/her ordeal. To this effect, before purchase of TVs its necessary to get a knowledge of how to escape fake ones. Most popular TV brands of television in Nigeria have been duplicated. Brands like the popular LG, Sony have been long since multiplied. That show the need of buyers to be extra cautious.

→ The first step in guarding against fake products is by making researches. Familiarize yourself with the features of the TV you intend to buy. Search for the hands-on video of that TV on and watch it in case you do not know anyone using it. If there is someone you know is using the same brand as yours, let him go with you for purchase.

→ Know the customer care hotline of the manufacturer. Search and obtain the phone line of the producers in case you want to verify some functions.

→ Buy from an authorised dealer. The person you intend to buy your TV from must be listed on the manufacturer official website. This also point out the need to be familiar with the company’s website.
You can as well buy your tv from the official showrooms if available in your locality.

→ If the price is too cheap, take guard! Research for the price of the particular TV you want and compare with the price tagged for the TV at the point of sale. From that, you will know when a tv price is cheaper than expected. If its cheaper than what you see of the price in online shopping platforms like jumia, then know its certainly worthy of probe.

→ Most colourful and flashy boxes are indicative of a fake TV
This has been and still is the biggest sign of fake product as all genuine products come in carton boxes with exact product information and serial number. Try as much as possible to be far off from TV’s with flashy coverings.

→ If you want to buy a used/pre-owned TV online, only buy a certified refurbished TV from either Amazon, eBay or the manufacturers. Every certified refurbished electronics on Amazon comes with at least 60days refund warranty.

→ Confirm serial number online. Try to match the serial number found on the TV with one on the one one the manufacturers official website. An wrong/denied serial number signifies a fake TV.

→ There must be a warranty card. Be sure there is a warranty card with much details on how to claim your warranty
A warranty card with Hologram and serial number printed on the pack of the LED TV confirms the originality of the TV you are buying.

→ Check for the consumer manual & other Docs.
Televisions that are fake always have a brief manual which are usually incomprehensive.

The application of these tips would greatly reduce your chance of falling for fake televisions while buying it.

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